The Delhi Government’s pollution-control plan of Odd and Even will conclude on January 15. As the scheme was effectively implemented in Delhi, would you like this odd and even formula back again?

Comments / Discussion Board - Do You Want Odd Even Scheme Back Again?

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    amit from delhi 1895 Days ago

    odd even scheme only encourage inspector raj and benefit traffic police mens....instead govt should bring high road tax rates for every scond car being bought by a family, which will increase as number of cars will increase...something similar to what singapore did and successfull transport Dept should check registration for all cars, if any address is registered with more than one car need to pay high taxes and parking charges ... and somethign similar ideas can be worked out...odd even idea can never be successful in india as we are not yet organized to implement such schemes easily and my mess up the system in long run

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    Priyanka Agarwal from New Delhi 1900 Days ago

    I think it is very good Scheme , and we should all follow with heart and soul

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