The Aam Aadmi Party has been demanding statehood for Delhi for a long. Recently CM Arvind Kejriwal held a meeting with party MLAs, councillors, and other party officials and announced the intention to press the demand for the statehood in more vigorous manner. The AAP government is also set to pass a resolution on full statehood in Delhi Legislative Assembly. The party launched ‘Poorna Rajya Andolan( full statehood movement)’ to get statehood. Though many political parties have supported the demand of CM Kejriwal for full statehood to Delhi, still there is no positive response from BJP and Congress. Further many intellectuals are skeptical in granting the statehood status to Delhi as this will bring Police and other agencies directly under the ambit of the ruling party. Now in the wake of this political debate do you agree with the idea of granting full statehood to Delhi.

Comments / Discussion Board - Do you support Aam Aadmi Party's demand for full statehood to Delhi?